I fell in love with musical theater as a school kid in Modesto, California, attending a student matinee of a local production of The Music Man. The moment those travelling salesmen launched into the rhythmic patter of a steam train, I was hooked.

In the years since, I moved to New York City and found my way to a career as a lyricist, book writer, and director for a myriad of productions of musicals, new shows as well as classics. Along the way, I have stage managed, acted, designed props, run a follow spot, choreographed, and have been in the audience for musical theater productions all over the country. Each of those experiences contribute to who I am as a writer and just who I am in general.

With my three boys (my "three boys" being my fascinating husband Danny and our two almost-grown sons), we've made a home in Central Florida, where we enjoy the sunshine, the abundance of excellent performing arts, and the proximity to Disney magic. My writing partner is the multi-talented composer Eric Rockwell with whom I've worked since we were college roommates. In addition to Eric, I've surrounded myself with friends and theater colleagues and mentors, and recognize it is the people in my life who make everything matter. The joy I've found with this amazing extended family is the heart of everything I write.

If you love musical theater as I do, or if you've ever been curious about what goes into the creation of musical theater, I hope you'll enjoy this blog ... and that it will inspire you to go see a show. Or be in a show. Or write a show. Discover theater, and discover yourself.

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Margaret & Eric's photo by Charr Crail