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“My goal for any lyric I write is that it feel true to the character singing it. It has to do a lot of other things, too: a lyric has to follow a rhythm and rhyme scheme in order for it to be musical, the rhymes must be true, and hopefully it contributes to a song that is entertaining, or funny, or profound, or inspirational, or whatever Eric and I are going for. But it all starts with story and character.”
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With a book by William J. Brooke, music by Eric Rockwell, and lyrics by Margaret, A Little Princess was praised by praised by critics and audience alike. proclaimed the show “Exceptionally crafted… full of imagination and excitement.”

Based on the classic novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett, the musical tells the story of a little girl on a ledge between happiness and loss, and a grown man teetering between youth and maturity. Together they help each other to bear what must be endured, and open their hearts to what can be dreamed.


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"Audience members will likely be holding their breath, whispering 'Wow!' " reported The Davis Enterprise in their review of the World Premiere production. 

It's the spring of 1846, and hundreds of people have made the choice to leave behind their homes, their friends, their lives… to cross an uncharted continent in search of new lives in the California territory. Inspired by actual historyMeet Your Mountain tells the story of sixteen of those people, sixteen people who traveled with the infamous Donner Party. They have a variety of reasons for going, but they are all just plain folks with a dream of something better.

Music by Eric Rockwell; lyrics by Margaret. And from The Sacramento Bee: "Beautiful music...lovely score....!"



From the New York Times: "The musical's creators have found numerous opportunities to jazz up history."

Modern students travel back in time and they meet their favorite historical figures, learning firsthand how they changed history. By the time they return to the present, the kids have learned the impact that an individual can have on the story of humankind.

Originally commissioned by TADA! and produced several times in subsequent seasons, The History Mystery features music by Eric Rockwell, lyrics by Margaret Rose, and a book by Janine Nina Trevens.